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Elementary News: Getting Ready for Next Year!

Lost and Found

Please claim any lost items by December 14th or they will be donated to charity.

On the morning of December 14th, Playground Ambassadors will display all of the lost and found items near the front entry to the school. If the items are not collected by the end of the day on the 14th of December, they will be given away.

Winter Arts and Music Celebrations

Next week, you will want to attend your child’s music class for an in class concert and then a visit to the art room. You should have already received an invitation with specific dates and times or your child’s class. Come and see how we are extending and enriching our opportunities for art and music.


Make sure that you have some good reading materials for Winter Break. Three weeks is a long time to go without reading. I highly recommend that your children read for enjoyment every day for up to thirty minutes. If your child is an emerging or developing reader, research indicates that he or she will fall behind in reading if reading is not consistently practiced. In other words, if there is already a reading gap between your child’s ability to read and the proficient readers in the classroom, the gap will sadly increase if the emerging and developing readers don’t practice over the break. Read, read, read…. You don’t want to be playing catch up when we return in January! Let’s start the new year as confident readers!!

Soirée Littéraire

Parents, I am still looking for volunteers to host reading parties in their homes this spring. I know it is hard to plan so far in advance but I assure you that it is necessary in order to get everything in order. Those of you who have participated in the past, please consider hosting. It is a great way to meet other fun ISD families. You and your guests simply read the same book and visit about the book over a meal or hor devours at your home. Possible dates are March 29th and April 5th. Please email me if you are not sure what this is about but are interested in being a part of it. I want to help make this a fun event for all!

Pancake Breakfast

Mark your calendars for Saturday February 9th. Brad and Kelly will be hosting a Parent Information Meeting while serving up some delicious pancakes! Children are welcome to join in the fun as they too will get pancakes. Playground supervision will be available during the meeting. Watch for an invitation so you can RSVP.

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