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Elementary News: Get to Know the Student Support Department

This week we’d like to highlight a not-often talked about, but absolutely vital department here at ISD - the Elementary Student Support Department. The Student Support Department, led by Ms. Adja Sakho, works with many members of the ISD community from admissions to counselors to teachers and more all with the goal of creating an inclusive learning environment for our students.

Who We Are

The Student Support Department within the Elementary School supports ISD’s commitment to sustaining an inclusive and differentiated learning environment. It serves a diverse population of learners.

What We Believe

All children have the right to progress academically, emotionally, and socially in a diverse and inclusive community. The ES Student Support program recognizes that students come from diverse backgrounds and varied experiences, and through a multidisciplinary approach aims to remove barriers to learning so that all students experience success and are empowered to exercise their rights and accept their responsibilities as global citizens.

What We Do:

  • Support students with specific academic, language, and/or behavioral challenges through an inclusion model

  • Collaborate with the faculty, Counseling Department, and Admissions Department to identify and serve an ever growing population of diverse learners

  • Administer academic and benchmark assessments

Social-Emotional Learning at ISD

Social and emotional well-being at the elementary school level is approached from a child-centered view. Students receive biweekly in-class instruction on mindfulness, managing emotions, stress, and anxiety. Some children also receive group or individual counseling support.

The support department understands that the overall health and well-being of a child is essential for their growth. The team works diligently to support students, staff, and families in a variety of ways.

Have a question for the Student Support Department? You can contact us at:

Adja M. Sakho

Head of ES Student Support Department

Student Support Specialist

Student Support Staff Members

Adja M. Sakho - Head of ES Student Support Department & Student Support Specialist

Sedina Mupeso - Student Support Specialist

Elizabeth Hollister - Language Acquisition Specialist

Monica Yu - Language Acquisition Specialist

Estrellla Abraham Fernandez - Student Support Specialist

Amelia Drummond - Interventionist

Jessica Whitten-Preciado - Interventionist

Oumou Gueye - Interventionist

Annie Neill - Elementary Counselor

Lori Nellor - Student Support Specialist (2020 - 2021)

Kristi Belete - Language Acquisition Specialist (2020 - 2021)

Paula Traore - Elementary Counselor (2021)

Lara Ageros - ES Assessment Coordinator and All School Counselor (2021)

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