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Elementary News: Extended Learning

In the ISD Elementary School , we offer a variety of extended learning opportunities! Differentiated explorations are offered to students who have already mastered subject matter and who are ready to extend what they have learned through analysis, synthesis and eventually evaluation. The objective of extended learning is to provide opportunities for students to creatively deepen their conceptual understandings. This is achieved by applying subject specific knowledge and skills to trans-disciplinary explorations.

Bloom’s Taxonomy provides an outline by which our learners can extend their learning. Below, see how students Julia (left) and Jeea (right) work with Ms. Chantal, Innovation Facilitator, and Mr. Brad, PYP Coordinator, to extend their math learning.

In the end, it’s really all about play. Once you think you’ve got something down… that you’ve really understood the concept, then you should play with that idea, try to apply what you have learned to a new situation. Perhaps compare that idea to other ideas, test it out, experiment and eventually extend your learning and deepen your understanding. Below are more articles about the importance of play!

Washington Post writes about Doctors prescribing PLAY!

Playing at School is important too!

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