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Elementary News: After School Reminders

Be safe, be respectful, and be responsible!

If you’ve been on the ISD Campus between 3:20 and 6:00 pm, you know what a busy, busy school it is. Our ASA’s are up and running. We’ve got a wide variety of options for student participation. Students of all ages are engaged in sports, music, band, musicals and so much more. We’re proud of our educators who work hard to make sure there are varied co-curricular activities after school. Thank you to all of the great parents out there for supporting us in our effort to dismiss the students in a safe and orderly fashion. Just a few mid-year reminders so that we’re all on the same page with regards to dismissal, pick up, and supervision.

  • All children are collected from their teacher at 3:20. If not, they will be brought to the Administration Building to wait to be picked up.

  • After school, students are dismissed to their parents or guardians. If parents or guardians are not present after school then the students are required to wait at the office.

  • Students participating in after school clubs will meet their ASA provider in the field pagoda, they will be brought back to the pagoda at 4:15 and can be picked up there. Parents and/or guardians must sign the children out.

During ASA’s students are expected to practice being safe, respectful, and responsible. We anticipate that all of our ASA participants will behave appropriately but on occasion, some students forget to be safe, respectful, or responsible. We consider this a good learning opportunity. In this instance:

  • Students will be verbally reminded to consider group agreements and expectations.

  • If the student acts out a second time, they will be required to take a five-minute break.

  • If the student continues to have difficulty practicing being safe, respectful, and responsible, they will be taken to the administrative office and their parents will be called to pick them up.

  • Students will be given a reflection form to complete and get signed by parents. They can return the form to the teacher or teaching assistant who assigned it.

If you choose to let your child play on campus after school, they must be supervised by an adult at all times. We do have two after school playground attendants monitoring the campus to ensure students are being supervised and attended to. These supervisors are not meant to be supervising students. They will be monitoring the playground and field area ensuring students are being supervised by an adult. Parents will be contacted if the student does not have adult supervision.

In conclusion, we are a community school and welcome families to use the campus facilities, but ask that parents or a guardian supervise their children after 3:20, in order to allow the teaching staff to complete their work and ensure the campus is a safe place to play.

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