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Diversity, Inclusion, and Service

Approaching the questions of diversity, inclusion and service from different perspectives

As we grow and evolve as a three-program IB world school encompassing the wonderful diversity the ISD community is and has, we have continued to look at different ways to embrace, celebrate, improve and learn on all topics around acceptance and inclusion.

In the Secondary School, the MYP and DP programs strive to help students learn to recognize the commonalities in our humanity. We see this as we teach our students through the lens of the IB Learner Profile. Grounding our work inside and outside of the classroom in helping students to be principled, open-minded, and caring while they reflectively consider their experience and the experiences of others in helping to create a better world. The IB organisation is explicit in its definition of international mindedness and what that means in terms of acceptance, perspective, identity and culture.

“International-mindedness is an attitude of openness to, and curiosity about the world and different cultures. It is concerned with developing a deep understanding of the complexity, diversity, and motives of human actions and interactions.” (IBO 2009)

The following TED talk was one we shared with Parents last year and have used recently as another starting point for community conversations with our high school students around the ideas of culture and identity. Please enjoy the 15-minute talk.

Don't ask where I'm from, ask where I'm a local

Elements of our discussions centred around the question, ‘Where do you come from?’ After watching the thought-provoking TED talk from Taiye Selasi we looked to ask questions around the concept of national identity and how we might focus more on human experiences as a frame for defining who we are as well as our place in the world.

We would encourage you to watch the talk at home with your families and initiate discussion around some of the questions raised. Our vibrant and diverse community provides a wonderful tapestry of humanity from which to look at some of the wider-ranging issues from a number of different perspectives.

One of the key thoughts which emerged was the idea that the educational journeys we are hoping to shape for our students, your children, are rooted in ideas of human experience and the ability to make connections and hear different ideas.

All three IB Programs are looking to initiate wider-reaching questions and our ability to help young people transfer knowledge, attitudes and skills from one area of learning to another. To engage in some of this at home based on the TED talk may provide some interesting and thought-provoking learning for us all.

Mr. Paul Lennon

Assistant Principal & IB Diploma Coordinator.

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