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Dismissal time safety protocols

Hello ISD Community,

Dismissal time is a critical time to maintain the safety protocols we have in place at ISD.

  • Kindly be sure all students are picked up on time either by a parent, nanny, or driver according to their assigned staggered dismissal time. If you have a question about your child's dismissal time, you can ask your child's teacher or principal.

  • Please be sure all drivers and nannies are wearing their masks at all times during dismissal time, even at the outside gate and outside parking lot.

  • Please remind older students they should continue to wear their masks and promptly exit the outside parking lot during dismissal, even if they are walking home independently.

The end of the day is a time when students from different grades and cohorts may pass through the same general exit areas. Therefore it is important that all parties exit campus on time and continue to wear masks, maintain physical distance, and promptly leave the outside parking area to head home at the end of a great school day.

Thank you!

Cheers to your Health,

Nurse Jen

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