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Directors Dispatch: New Test and Stay Protocol

The Heath and Safety Team is ready to move ahead with a major change to our guidelines. Starting on Monday, March 7, ISD will use a Test and Stay protocol in response to a student testing positive rather than requiring the students in the cohort to quarantine for five days. Below is a summary of the Test and Stay protocol.

  • Parents notify the ISD Medical Center ( that their child has tested positive for Covid or has been presumed positive by a medical doctor. The student who tested positive will need to quarantine for at least five days. All other household members of the student who tested positive will need to quarantine from school for five days.

  • The Medical Center will notify the students in the cohort, the parents of the students in the cohort, and the staff who interact with the cohort that one of the students has tested positive.

  • Any student in the cohort who has Covid symptoms must remain at home. We encourage the family to have the child tested. The student can return to school if the test is negative and they have been symptom-free for at least 24 hours.

  • The students in the cohort can continue to attend school if they test negative with a rapid test and are asymptomatic. Families will be asked to get their child tested with a rapid test. If the child tests positive, the family needs to notify the Medical Team ( and the child should quarantine for five days. If the family does not have a rapid test, the child will be tested by the Medical Team when they return to campus. The cohort will be expected to have a strict adherence to wearing masks when indoors.

  • A member of the medical team will meet with the students in the cohort each morning to check on their health.

  • The school reserves the right to have the cohort quarantine for five days if there are multiple students who test positive in the same cohort.

Why We Made This Change

The Health and Safety Team and the Administration considered the following information in making this change.

  • There is a high degree of immunity within the ISD community due to vaccinations, boosters, and natural immunity. Vaccinations and natural immunity have been shown to be highly effective at reducing the risk of severe symptoms. As with many parts of the world, with the latest wave, we are not seeing Covid cases with severe symptoms among members of the ISD community.

  • With the exception of one outbreak, we are not seeing widespread transmission of the virus on campus. Even with the surge of Omicron cases in January, we saw little to no transmission on campus.

  • Some cohorts have been quarantined multiple times leading to the students missing up to ten days of school this year.

  • For the vast majority of students, in-person learning is the most effective form of learning.

  • Quarantining students, keeping them away from the normal routine of school, and their support network of friends, teachers, and counselors has negatively impacted students’ mental well-being.

Given the above, the Health and Safety Team and the Administration feel strongly that we should prioritize keeping students on campus while minimizing the risk of transmission through testing and mask usage indoors. We will release more specific details of the Test and Stay protocols later this week.

How to Contact the Medical Team


Phone: 76 740 8050 (WhatsApp)

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