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Director's Update: May 22nd, 2020

Thank you to the PTO!

A big thank you to ISD PTO for putting together such a thoughtful video for Teacher Appreciation Week!  The teachers were very thankful. You can view the video here if you have not already seen it.

I loved the video so much, I shared it with the Executive Director of the Association for the Advancement of International Schools (AAIE), who then sent it out to the entire world-wide membership.

2020-2021 School Year Questions and Answers 

Many parents have asked about when the campus will be opened for families to use, when school will start next year, and what the educational program will look like when school opens.

Unfortunately, we cannot open campus while the government restrictions on schools opening and public gatherings are still in place. With that said, the Administration and Board are developing protocols for social distancing so that we are prepared when the governmentdoesease the restrictions and it is safe for us to open campus.

The Administration is putting the final touches on our plan for our educational program for next year. We anticipate having a parent meeting the first week in June to share our plans for next year. I will announce the date once it is confirmed.

The Board will be discussing next year's academic calendar at the upcoming meeting on June 5.

We have created an expert panel of community members with medical and public health backgrounds to help advise the Administration and Board on best practices to keep our students, staff, and parents safe once school is open on campus. We have received guidelines from the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) as well as other international schools to help inform the work of the committee. If you have this expertise and would be willing to volunteer some of your time, please email me (

Take care,

Dr. Alan Knobloch


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