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Director's Update - March 26th, 2020

ISD has joined thousands of others in posting hearts as a way to spread positivity and hope among our communities. In addition to making the hearts, a fun activity to try with your kids is to go on a "heart walk" and find others in your community who may be participating. This is a great way to connect with your child and perhaps talk about a difficult topic. The movement was originally started by a family in the US and has spread globally. You can see other heart posts by using the hashtag #hearthunters on social media. Be sure to tag @isdakar if you post your own! (See below for more information on how to share your photos with us).

A Note from ISD Communications

Dear Parents,

Firstly, we would like to applaud your role in facilitating the launch of online learning at ISD. We know that, during these uncertain times, parents are more involved than ever in their childrens' learning. Without your patience, dedication, and flexibility, this tremendous step forward would not have been possible. 

It is the responsibility of the Communications Department to share the story of our school community. As we speak, this story is one that has never been told in the history of international education. This is a story of parents supporting their children to bring online learning to life in substantive ways. This is a story of students taking ownership of their learning in ways previous generations could have never imagined. This is a story of hope and perseverance in the face of untold challenges. We can all take great inspiration from this story and it is one that we are proud to share.  

In order to tell the story of Online Learning at ISD, we need your help. We'll be utilizing our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and we need content. Some ideas include funny moments while working, creative solutions, cute pictures, etc. Here's how you can share with us:

  • With the hashtag #ISDonline (Keep in mind that I will only be able to see the post if your account is public or if @isdakar follows you).

  • By tagging @isdakar in your post (The same caveat applies to this method as with the hashtag)

  • Emailing me photos/videos/anecdotes at or

  • Please keep in mind that by sharing photos and videos, you give permission to the ISD Communications Department to share this content on our social media platforms. As always, students will not be identified by name and no additional identifying details will be shared. 

Let's share some positivity in the ISD community. We can't wait to see what online learning looks like at ISD!


ISD Communications

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