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Director's Update: March 25th, 2020

ISD Board Meeting

The ISD Board of Directors will be holding their monthly meeting tomorrow, Thursday, March 26, starting at 5:30 pm GMT.

Any parent can observe the meeting. If you would like to observe the meeting, email Wendy Kinyeki, Assistant to the Board, at

Wendy will send you the Zoom link to the meeting.  For those observing, I would advise you to download Zoom before the start of the meeting.

Take Time to Laugh

In times like these, it is healthy to take some time to laugh. Click on this link, or cut and paste this address ( for some of the award winners from the TV show America's Funniest Videos.

As always, I am available for any questions or concerns you may have. Feel to reach out to me at


Dr. Alan Knobloch

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