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Director's Update: Can the Lockdown Push Schools in a Positive Direction?

Will Covid-19 change schools or will we simply return to the way it was before?  An article by Patrick Cook-Deegan, a former Education Innovation Fellow from the Stanford, looks at how the current events could improve schools over the long term.

The author lists five areas of schooling that will need attention once schools re-open.

1.  Social-Emotional learning for students.

2.  Higher priority for teacher well-being

3.  More of a coaching and mentoring role for teachers

4.  More autonomy for schools and teachers

5.  More student choice and autonomy

While students, parents, and teachers are eager to return to school, Covid-19 will have long lasting effects. In addition to preparing safety and social distancing plans, schools will need to be prepared to support student and teachers' well-being. In addition, we will have to look at how we can learn from students and teachers having more autonomy.

Read the full article here.

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