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Director's Update: April 27th, 2020

Parent and Student Connections

Both the elementary and secondary schools have been expanding the number of sessions for students and parents to connect with the school and each other.

Elementary School

Last week, the Elementary School Administration hosted three student assemblies.

On Monday, there was a Pre K 3 to Kindergarten assembly where the Learner Profile Awards were distributed. On Wednesday, students in grades 1 and 2 received their awards, saw a slide show of learning activities, and heard tips from the elementary student council about how to stay healthy. The students in grades three to five had similar activities on Thursday.

Over the past few weeks, there have also been grade level meetings for parents. Tomorrow, the agenda for the Grade 5 parents will include a conversation about online learning for Grade 5, the PYP Exhibition project, and the transition to grade six.

Secondary School

Last week, the Secondary School administration hosted a teaching and learning coffee. JAG Connect, the high school advisory program, started online with teacher advisor hosting meetings with their students. I received very positive feedback from students, parents, and teachers and JAG connect will be a weekly activity. The high school leadership council has started a “Good News” video, which they will send out on a regular basis. This week, the Secondary School counselors will be hosting a session for parents on Thursday.

After-School Activities

Online after-school activities started today for elementary school. There are activities planned throughout the week and even a family activity on Saturdays. The secondary school activities will start next week.

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