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Director's Dispatch: What Makes ISD Different?

What are our purpose and mission? What makes us different from other schools in the area?

All schools seek to provide a high-quality educational program. All schools have a distinct purpose and mission. Some schools offer a highly rigorous curriculum but only to those that meet equally rigorous acceptance criteria. Some schools seek to educate students in multiple languages so the students will become bilingual, while others have a religious orientation and the students have a strong grounding in the school's faith while receiving a quality education. To become a truly excellent school, all stakeholders must embrace their school’s purpose and have a clear plan on how to achieve the school's mission.

The ISD community believes a well-rounded and rigorous program of academics, arts, and athletics builds a foundation for life-long learning and fulfillment. To that end, we offer programs that meet the educational needs of our students while providing students opportunities to develop their creative, athletic, and emotional skills.

ISD provides a rigorous international curriculum that prepares all of our students for the future. The programs are flexible enough to meet the needs of our highly capable students while making learning accessible for students of all abilities and those who are learning English. ISD students have done well on the challenging International Baccalaureate exams scoring in the top levels compared to IB students worldwide. Unlike many schools in the area, ISD has six full-time teachers who specialize in working with students with learning disabilities. ISD, therefore, offers educational programs to serve students with a wide range of abilities. We can challenge the highly capable students and support those who are learning English, have learning disabilities, and students who need to improve their academic skills to meet the demands of our curriculum.

Additionally, we offer robust arts and athletics programs. We want well-rounded students who develop their creativity and confidence through art, theater, dance, choir, and more. Our athletics program teaches students the benefit of hard work and how to work with your teammates towards a common goal. The new Performing Arts Center and Athletic Complex will provide the students with more significant opportunities to develop their skills.

Developing students' social and emotional skills is one of our strategic goals. With five full-time counselors for 700+ students, we can proactively prepare students for the emotional and social challenges they will face.

What makes ISD different? It is our commitment to our mission. We want students to experience success in the classroom, on stage, and on the playing field. Students of all abilities are challenged academically and supported by specialized teachers.

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