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Director's Dispatch: Traffic & Parking

Traffic and parking around campus have been an issue for years. A significant enrollment increase will pose additional challenges. To address the problem, the Administration will be moving forward with a series of new measures.

1. Families with elementary children are encouraged to arrange transportation to arrive on campus at 3:30 for afternoon pick-up. Families who only have middle and high school students are encouraged to arrange transportation to arrive on campus at 3:50. The older students can stay on campus. Parents and drivers who come at 3:50 or later will avoid most of the traffic and congestion and will spend less time waiting.

2. Starting in September, the Administration will implement an optional pick-up system for elementary students. Typically, parents or drivers have to park their cars and walk onto campus to collect the children. Under the new system, parents who sign-up for the system will receive a number card for their vehicle.

As they enter the campus, ISD staff will call ahead to the guard building. ISD staff will make sure the children are waiting on the curb and can get into the vehicle. This system will remove the need to park. More information will be shared later.

3. In late September or early October, ISD will offer point-to-point busing on a trial basis. Based on the parent survey, we will identify several sites throughout the city where students will be picked up in the morning and dropped off in the afternoon. There will be a fee for this service.

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