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Director's Dispatch: Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Diamniadio

ISD Town Hall Café to discuss the impact of Diamniadio on ISD

The development of Diamniadio will change the distribution of government, business and non-government organisations in Dakar.  What does this mean for ISD?

The ISD Board, together with the School Director and Principals, invite all ISD parents and faculty to participate in an important 'town hall café meeting'.  

The aim of the meeting is to explore and discuss how ISD stakeholders see the Diamniadio project affecting them now; and how it will affect sponsoring organisations and families wishing their children to have an ISD education in the future.

For the Board to make the best possible decisions on this issue, it is crucial for Trustees to hear the diverse views of the community.

A 'town hall' meeting means a meeting to which all members of the community are invited to participate and speak up. 

It will in 'café' style - small groups discussing questions, then sharing their opinions with the whole group.  ('Café' too because coffee and tea will be provided!)

Experienced international school director and consultant, Dennis Larkin, will facilitate the session.  

The meeting will be conducted in both English and French. You can choose to join an English speaking or French speaking small group.  

Babysitting and snacks for children will be provided free of charge.

Please mark your calendars now to attend this important school community meeting:

10.00 am - 12.00 midday

Saturday 13 April 2019

Secondary PAC

Please send any questions about the event to the Board Assistant, Wendy Kinyeki:

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