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Director's Dispatch: The Annual Parent Survey and Board Elections

Are ISD parents customers or stakeholders?  In some private, international schools parents are customers. In paying the tuition, they are purchasing a service, an education for their children.  As a customer, you want a high-quality service and can complain if you do not get it.  However, a customer does not have a say in how the business that is providing the service is run.   A stakeholder is a person who has vital interest or personal reason for being involved in the organization.

ISD parents are stakeholders in our school.  They have entrusted their children to the school and should be actively involved in making sure their children are receiving a high-quality education.  As stakeholders, parents have a say in how the school is governed and significant decisions. 

We are currently collecting feedback from parents about the school and how it is serving our families.

Click here to take the survey in English

Click here to take the survey in French

A nine-member Board of Trustees governs ISD.  The trustees are elected by the International School Association of Dakar, which is comprised of parents or guardians whose children attend ISD and the teachers.  As the trustees serve two-year terms, four or five people need to be elected every year.  ISD is fortunate to have dedicated trustees who believe in best practices in governance and have helped the school move forward in recent years.  Some of them will be leaving Dakar at the end of this school year, and we will need other parents who will be willing to take on this responsibility.  To understand the role of trustee better, I would invite interested parents to speak with one of our current members.  Click here to see their names and photos.  Parents who are interested in running for one of the vacant Board seats, click here for more information.

Parent participation is essential to have a high-quality school.

ISD parents are important stakeholders in the school.  Parent participation is essential to have a high-quality school. I encourage you to be actively involved in your children’s education and look for ways to help contribute to the governance and important activities of the school.  The more parents are involved, the better the school will be for our students. 

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