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Director's Dispatch: Summer Construction Plans

The summer is a busy time at ISD, as we use June and July for campus renovation. This summer will be especially busy with the Performing Arts Center and Athletic Complex construction.

Overall, the construction project is on schedule. The foundations have been laid and they are currently backfilling with clay. The next step will be the demolition of the Physical Education Offices and fitness room. This will require the company to take down part of the school’s exterior and interior walls to access the buildings. It will take about two weeks to demolish the buildings, remove the debris, and rebuild the walls.

In addition to the major construction project, there are a number of other renovations:

  • Replacing cement tiles in the campus entry way

  • Building shade structures on the grass field, large playground, and small playground

  • Constructing music practice rooms

  • Renovating high school science rooms

  • Building offices in the Elementary and Secondary Schools

  • Replacing the tiles in the swimming pool

  • Rehabilitating the grass field

Given the large amount of activity across the campus, it will be necessary to close the campus to the community for June and most of July. It is simply too dangerous to have children on campus amongst all the work. Summer camp for two weeks in June, the Dutch School for one week in June, and the church services on Sunday will be allowed to run during the summer, but no one else will be allowed on campus. Adults and children participating in the above activities will need to leave campus when the event ends. We hope to re-open campus in late July for members of our community.

Campus Schedule for the Week Friday, June 8: School ends at 12 noon. Campus will be closed to community members from 12 noon to 5:00pm. Saturday, June 9: Campus open from 10:00am to 6:00pm Sunday, June 10: Campus open from 10:00am to 6:00pm Monday, June 11 to late July: Campus closed

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