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Director's Dispatch: Join Me for a Presentation on Raising Screen-Smart Kids

Children receive their first smartphone and unfiltered access to social media at the same time their brains are undergoing significant changes and growth that make them more likely to be impulsive and take risks. How can parents help their children make better decisions on the use of social media?

Statistics show that adolescent risk-taking behaviors, such as drinking, taking drugs, and sexual behavior are on a decline, yet the rates of teen anxiety and suicide are higher than ever before. What role does social media play in this?

It is not a question of if a child or teen will make a mistake on social media, it is a question of when. What can parents do to help their children deal with the fall out of their actions?

“Studies show that teens who use social media the most tend to be the most unhappy and to have the worst outcomes overall.” What can parents do to help children use social media in healthy ways?

I will explore these questions and provide some answers at this Friday’s ‘Father’s Only Breakfast’ from 8:00 am to 9:00 am in the Administrative Conference Room. I will present the findings from Raising a Screen-Smart Kid: Embrace the Good and Avoid the Bad in the Digital Age by Julianna Miner. This session is for fathers who have children in elementary, middle, and high school.

We will reserve time at the end of the session to answer other questions fathers may have about raising children of all ages and learn from the collective wisdom of the group. Use this form to submit a question.

Also on Friday, starting at 9:00 am, we will have the first Director’s Coffee of the year for all parents where I will provide an update on our educational programs and facilities.

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