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Director's Dispatch: Parents Opening Ceremony Recap (cont'd)

“Our journey continues” is the theme for this year’s school’s improvement efforts. We will be focusing on our strategic goal of improving students’ performance in the International Baccalaureate Program.

In the high school, this will mean improving the ways we support and prepare the students for the International Diploma Program (DP) coursework and exams, which should lead to more students participating in the full diploma program. Last year, 76% of the eligible 12 students were full DP students.

We will start implementing the Middle Years Program (MYP) this year in grades 6 to 10 looking at the needed changes in the curriculum. In addition, the Secondary School will shift how the teachers assess student work and report the student’s progress to the parents.

The Elementary School will complete the Primary Years Program (PYP) authorization process by finalize the curriculum for the elementary school and unit planning for each grade.

All ISD students will make a difference in the life of someone else outside the school walls. This is a multi-year goal created to implement a key part of our strategic plan, which calls for students to develop leadership competencies and then use those skills to solve complex problems. In addition, service to others is a required and important part of all three International Baccalaureate programs.

Finally, the Board, Administration, and teachers will be overseeing the construction of the Performing Arts Center and Athletic Complex and outfitting both buildings with the necessary equipment to support outstanding performance in arts and athletics.

The Board of Trustees approved adding five new educational positions for this year. A Middle Years Coordinator was added to facilitate the implementation of the MYP.

As per the strategic plan, a Service Learning Coordinator position was created to increase opportunities for our students in the community. An additional high school science and English position were added to accommodate the increase in enrollment in the high school particularly in the first year of the IB Diploma program, where we have twenty additional students. Finally, an additional counselor position was added late in the Spring to better serve the needs of our students, parents, and teachers. To partially offset the increase costs, an administrative position, Curriculum Coordinator, was eliminated.

At the Opening Ceremony, I shared what the community can expect from me as the Director.

  • Be passionate about doing what is best for students

  • Continue to listen, learn, and build relationships

  • Be visible

I am at the entrance to the school almost every morning when students arrive and afternoon when they leave. Feel free to stop by to say hello or talk. Parents can reach me by email ( or phone (766-44-6028). I encourage parents to contact me if they are have a concern or unsure who to speak to about an issue.

Parent involvement is strength of ISD. Parents govern the school and are partners in their child’s education. This is one of the things that make us unique among Dakar schools. Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in the school as your schedule allows. There are many ways to do this.

  • Attend your child’s concerts, plays, and games.

  • Participate in the Open Houses and Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Join us for principal and counselor presentations that occur in the mornings or evenings.

  • Get Involved with Parent-Teacher Organization events or meetings. The PTO meets every Wednesday morning at 8:30.

Looking ahead, we have much to accomplish this school year and in the years to follow. As a school, we will continue to set the bar higher and challenge ourselves to achieve those new heights. I am eager to seeing everything we can accomplish together. Once again, our journey continues.

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