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Director's Dispatch: Parents and Student Survey Results

Every Spring for the past ten years, ISD students in grades 3 to 12 and parents are surveyed to see what they like about ISD and what they would like to see changed or improved. We had a record number of students, 436, and parents, 312, respond to the survey this year.  The results are presented to the community at the Annual General Meeting and through the JAG Journal. The Administration and Board use the data to set annual goals for the Director as well as the Board.  Overall, the feedback was positive, but there were a number of areas identified where the school could improve.


What are three things you like best about ISD?

What are the three things you would change about ISD or like the least?

The parents gave high marks to the Board and Administration.

Do you think the School Board serves the overall interest of ISD?

For those who had an opinion, 97% agree the Board serves the overall interest of ISD.

"I feel comfortable approaching school administrators with questions, suggestions, or problems."

The students rated the school highly in a number of areas.

  • 95% of the students have made friends at ISD

  • 90% of the students agree that teachers challenge the students to do their best at school

  • 90% of the students agree they consistently try to do their best work at school

  • 87% of the students agree they have opportunities to be creative at school

The students rated the school highly in a number of areas.

  • 93% of the parents agree their child’s overall experience this year has been positive

  • 96% agree ISD provides a safe and secure environment for my child to learn

  • 94% agree ISD is a friendly environment for students, parents, and families

  • 92% agree the Social Emotional Learning program is positively impacting the way students relate with other students, teachers, and community members

The parents and students have identified a number of areas where the school can improve.

  • Students’ behavior and attitudes towards other students in one area the students would like to change

  • Students want better coordination of homework and assessments between teachers.

  • Students want cleaner bathrooms

  • 25% of parents disagree that After-School Activities are balanced or serve the needs of the students.

  • Traffic, parking, drop-off, and pick-up are one of the least things parents like about ISD

The Administration will be taking the next steps based on the survey results.

  • Work with students to identify barriers to reporting bullying or harassing behavior

  • Look at student ideas for continued improvement to the ASA Program

  • Implement pilot busing service next year

  • Continue to renovate bathrooms and increase the number of times per day the bathrooms are cleaned

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