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Director's Dispatch: Parent Vaccination Survey Extended

COVID-19 Update

We have been in school for three weeks. While there have been some families who have reported positive cases in their households, we have not needed to quarantine anyone for being a close contact on campus.

In Senegal, the number of cases has remained relatively low.

As we mentioned in our presentations before the start of the school year, we began with a conservative approach. We are considering making some changes, but before we can do so, we need to get an understanding of the vaccination rates among our staff, parents, and students.

All of our educators have responded to the vaccination survey. 85% of our educators, teachers, teaching assistants, counselors, and library staff, are fully vaccinated with another 3% in process. We continue to facilitate getting staff vaccinated.

Currently, 34% of parents have responded to our survey. Of those who responded, 92% are fully vaccinated and another 3% are in process. These are strong results, but we need more parents to respond to the survey to make sure we have an accurate picture of the vaccination rate of our parents.

As part of the parent survey, we asked if their children have been vaccinated. Based on the parent feedback, 83 secondary school students or 22% of the secondary school have been fully vaccinated.

Our goal is to keep our community as safe as possible. We also want to give our students as much of a normal experience as we can. If we know the vast majority of the adults our students interact with are vaccinated, we can feel more comfortable in easing some of our restrictions.

Our first step would be to make mask-wearing optional outside. Most schools in Europe do not require masks outside. Students would still be kept in grade-level cohorts outside for a period of time.

We are also considering looking at the possibility of easing restrictions for mixing grade levels in after-school activities and sports that take place outside.

In order for us to make these decisions, we need more parents to complete the vaccination survey. The survey is coming from ElectionBuddy, a software program we use for our Board elections. This software allows us to know if parents have completed the survey but does not allow us to see individual answers, so your responses are confidential. The deadline for completing the survey has been extended to this Friday, September 17th at 10:00pm.

If you cannot find the ElectionBuddy email, please look in your spam or promotions folder or contact Wendy Kinyeki at

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