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Director's Dispatch: Parent Vaccination Survey

One of the best ways to protect our students, who are largely unvaccinated, from COVID-19, is to surround them with a “vaccination bubble”. Or in other words, surround our students with adults who are vaccinated. We recently surveyed ISD staff members and preliminary results show that about 80% of the education staff are fully vaccinated. We are now going to survey parents to determine the vaccination rate.

Today, you will receive an email from ElectionBuddy, the software program we use for board elections, which will contain a link to the vaccination survey. So, while the email will actually call on you to vote, it is really just a survey. Using this software allows us to track who has responded but keeps your answers anonymous. We cannot see your specific responses. This software is more effective at tracking and reminding respondents and we would like the highest response rate possible.

The survey will ask if you have been vaccinated and gives you four response options.

  • Yes, I am fully vaccinated.

  • I have had one shot and I intend on getting a second one.

  • No, I am not vaccinated.

  • I prefer not to answer the question.

The school’s Health and Safety Team will use the parent vaccination rate along with the educator vaccination rate to inform our updated Health and Safety Guidelines.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey, which should only take a minute or two, and please encourage other ISD parents to complete the survey as well.

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