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Director's Dispatch: Parent & Student Surveys

It was such a joy to welcome our students back today. Some students even skipped or ran onto campus!

Over the next couple of months, we have a number of important events at ISD and we need as much parent involvement as possible. ISD parents are stakeholders in our school. They have entrusted their children to the school and should be actively involved in making sure their children are receiving a high-quality education. As stakeholders, parents have a say in how the school is governed and significant decisions.

Parent and Student Surveys

The school annually surveys parents and students about their experience at ISD, trying to determine what is working well and where we can continue to improve.

We are currently collecting feedback from parents about the school and how it is serving our families.

A link to the survey can be found in the March 22nd edition of the Jag Journal. Not receiving the Jag Journal? Email for assistance.

The results are presented to the community at the Annual General Meeting and through the JAG Journal. The Administration and Board use the data to set annual goals for the Director as well as the Board.

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