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Director's Dispatch: One More Day!

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

The teachers, staff, and administrators look forward to welcoming over 700 students to campus tomorrow!

In order to better facilitate the arrival and dismissal of students, we have adjusted the start and end times of the elementary school. The elementary school day will start at 8:10 and end at 3:10 pm. The secondary school day will remain the same, from 8:30 am to 3:25 pm. Families with elementary and secondary school students should plan to arrive by 8:05 and the secondary school students can wait for the start of school in the assigned grade level areas.

On the first day of school, elementary parents are invited to walk their children to the classroom. Once, your child is settled we ask that you depart campus. Secondary school parents may walk their child onto campus but should say good-bye after clearing security. The students will go straight into grade-level activities.

Parking may be an issue in the morning and afternoon outside of the campus walls.

In the afternoon, elementary parents may come onto campus starting at 3:10 to collect their children. To reduce crowding, the security staff will limit the number of parents who enter the school's gates at any one time.

Alternatively, parents or caregivers may drive onto campus, give the child’s name to one of our staff members and someone will escort your child to your car.

If you have elementary and secondary students, we strongly recommend you do not come to campus until at least 3:30 when the secondary school students are dismissed and had time to make it to the campus pick-up area.

If your child(ren) is not ready when you reach the front of the car line, you will be asked to exit campus and get back in line.

Remember masks are required on campus! We also ask that everyone follow the directions of the ISD security staff and remain patient during the drop-off and pick-up process.

(Virtual) Opening Ceremony

Tuesday, August 24th

5:00pm via Zoom*

We will celebrate the start of our 38th year with our annual Opening Ceremony. ISD Board Chairperson, Birame Sock, and Director, Alan Knobloch, will welcome all of our parents, introduce the Board of Directors, share the successes of last year, and outline the plans for this upcoming school year.

*The Zoom link can be found in your Jag Journal email.

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