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Director's Dispatch: New Health & Safety Protocols

By: The ISD Medical Team

First and foremost, the ISD medical team would like to congratulate the Senegalese national football team for their victory yesterday at the African Cup of Nations. It was a well-deserved and exciting win!

We also have another reason to celebrate, and that is related to the decline of Covid-19 cases in Senegal.

Because case counts are coming down, I would like to inform our families of a change in our health and safety protocols. Beginning today, well family members do not have to stay home from school if another member of the family or household is home due to feeling unwell with Covid-19 symptom(s).

Kindly note that as before, students must stay home from school if they are feeling unwell with a Covid-19 symptom(s), regardless of vaccination status. However, siblings or family members of that student who are well and symptom-free may come to school. Likewise, if a student is dismissed from school because they are unwell with a Covid-19 symptom(s), siblings or family members of that student may stay at school if they are well and symptom-free.

If a well family member is at school while another family member is home due to Covid-19 symptoms, it is good practice for those students or family members who continue to come to school to wear a mask at all times, even outside, and teachers and faculty will remind those students as such.

If a student, family, or household member does test positive for Covid-19, at that point all family members will need to stay home and quarantine for 5 days. With the Omicron surge, we have seen a significant number of vaccinated individuals test positive for Covid-19, so for the time being the quarantine will apply to all individuals in the household regardless of vaccination status.

Please note that because data continues to support that those individuals who have had Covid-19 in the last 90 days have natural immunity which prevents immediate reinfection, they will not have to quarantine under such circumstances.

As always, contact the ISD medical team at or 76.740.8050 should you have any questions at all about health and safety protocols, if you should send your child to school, or if someone in your household tests positive for Covid-19.

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