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Director's Dispatch: Life on Campus

Student activities are returning to ISD!

With the changes in the Covid health and safety guidelines, we have restarted competitive sports with athletic clubs and other schools in Dakar and have been hosting basketball games in our new gym. What a sight - the players are taking shots while looking at the Atlantic Ocean. This past weekend, we had a middle school volleyball tournament with club teams in Dakar. Next weekend is the high school basketball tournament. We will also host an ISD swim gala for our competitive swimmers in grades 3 to 12 on the same weekend.

The theater is now open at 100% capacity. Last week, the elementary school hosted two student talent shows. Before the break, we had the elementary production of “All About Cats”. In addition, the schools hosted movie nights for the students.

The campus is open for all students after school and on weekends. Elementary students need to be supervised by an adult, but middle and high schools can come by themselves.

Playing sports, participating in the arts, the ability to connect with their classmates are essential parts of a meaningful school experience. These activities are an integral to students feeling positive about being a student at ISD. We will continue to offer a wide range of activities for the students and the school will look to return to a full schedule of events for the 2022-2023 school year.

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