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Director's Dispatch: JagArts at ISD

November 9, 2017-- The ISD program is designed to expose students to a wide range of courses that stimulate their interests and develop new talents. This is a key component of our school’s mission to achieve excellence in all areas— academics, arts, sports, and service.

This week’s JagArts showcase highlighted the wide range of talent and creativity in our student community, as well as their willingness to take on new challenges. Students performed musical pieces and put on their own theatrical performances. I saw the beautiful visual arts lining our hallways, and was amazed by the creativity that goes into each work of design technology.

Our new Secondary School music teacher, Mr. Tan, led his middle school students in their band performance. The expertise and ease with which our young musicians play had everyone in the audience captivated throughout the piece.

I watched with great pride as our IB Year One Art students shared what inspired them to create their artwork on display. Their ability to translate their experience and ideas into creative expression was remarkable to all of us meandering around our makeshift gallery.

In the design technology room, the students proudly showed the models they had constructed and the video games they had designed to the parents and students gathered around them. I found myself, once again, floored by the dedication in our young artists to pour themselves so fully into learning something new.

In the performing arts center, the high school students had the audience laughing with a preview of next week’s production, The Audition, a show that is written, directed, acted, designed and organized by students.

JagArts is an extraordinary display of the talent and dedication of our students. Each trimester, it brings our community together to support the students who pour themselves whole-heartedly into learning new skills and expressing themselves creatively. I look forward to next trimester’s showcase with great anticipation.

Alan Knobloch


International School of Dakar

Photos by Levin Neumann, Grade 10

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