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Director's Dispatch: Innovation Grants & MYP News

Education Innovation Grants

I am pleased to announce the annual ISD Education Innovation Grants. We are looking for great ideas to make ISD even better. The purpose of the ISD Education Innovation Grants is to provide funding for new ideas from students, parents, teachers, and administrators that will help our students challenge, create and change themselves, the school, and our community. The grants can fund items, services, or experiences for students and teachers during the 2021-2022 school year. Funding for the grants comes from the non-tuition revenue the school receives including outside grants. Up to $50,000 will be awarded.

In the past six years, the Education Innovation Grants have helped build our band program, develop robotics for students of all ages, bring Senegalese visiting artists to campus, and create a community garden. Projects funded by the innovation grants will be considered for ongoing funding from the school’s regular operating budget.


All grant proposals are due by 9:00am on May 13th. They can be submitted on paper to Wendy Kinyeki in the school administration building or by email to The review committee will meet on Tuesday, May 18 from 12:30 to 3:00 to determine which projects will be funded. All purchases will be in accordance with existing ISD financial policy and procedures.

Grant Review

A committee of two students, two parents, two teachers, and one administrator will review all grant proposals and determine which grant proposals will be funded and the amount of funding.

I invite you to contact me in person or email ( if you would like to discuss your project ideas or to volunteer to serve on the review committee.

MYP Authorization

By Ms. Jen Loria

Today is also the day that we are celebrating another milestone at ISD as we have officially become a three program school by the IB. The IBO has authorized the International School of Dakar as an MYP school. While this is a huge accomplishment for our faculty, much like our Senior Class, our work is far from over. We now embark as a school to deepen our practices as a fully authorized PYP, MYP, and DP school.

It is a testament to ongoing work over the last few years that despite the effects of Covid-19 over the last 15 months, we have managed to work with our seniors face to face for the duration of their final year. At the same time through huge collaboration, we have also been authorized as a fully accredited MYP school which even in normal times is no small feat. Congratulations to all of us and thank you for the continuing support provided by and with all of our parents across the school.

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