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Director's Dispatch: Facilities Update

Master Campus Plan

At long last, the PAC/Athletic Complex construction is coming to a close. The ISD Board has been looking at what the school should do next in terms of the facilities. We are approaching the capacity for the current campus, which is 796 students, with 6 of 15 grades at capacity. The Administration expects continued enrollment growth over the next three to five years as Senegal continues with its economic development plans. In addition, even without the expected growth, there are a number of current facilities that need to be improved including the library, music classrooms, science labs, cafeteria, and, medical unit.

To plan for the future, the Board has commissioned Flansburg Architects to conduct a Master Campus Plan. David Croteau from Flansburg did our last Master Campus Plan and was the design architect for the PAC and Athletic Complex. Over the next few months, architects will meet with a range of students, teachers, administrators, and board members to discuss the current campus facilities and what they would like to see in the future. The architects will visit our campus in January to present some of their initial thoughts and get feedback from the community. The final Master Campus Plan will provide different options based on the current capacity as well as the potential future growth of the campus in addition to a timeline for the construction.

The Board will review and, eventually approve the Master Campus Plan this spring. The Board will then select the first phase of the construction project and the Administration will initiate the building process.

Performing Arts Center, Athletic Complex, and Pool

The work at the pool is largely finished except for some cosmetic work. The pool is filled with water and we will start the water pumps this week. We expect the pool will be ready for class and after-school activity use in January.

Similarly, there are a few small things to be done in the gym, but our PE classes have started using the space. We expect it will be ready for after-school activity use in January as well. The changing rooms are also done and will open soon.

The theater has been in use all year and recently we have seen fun performances from the Pre-K and Kindergarten students as well as the middle school students.

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