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Director's Dispatch: Facilities Update

We’ve got some good news to share on a few of our ongoing construction projects including the PAC and some expanded parking. Keep reading for more details.

Performing Arts Center

Over the past few weeks, we have had a series of outside vendors installing equipment in the Performing Arts Center including the lighting and sound systems. This week, the seats for the theater are being installed. We anticipate being able to hold classes is the PAC in January.


The roofline of the gym will be finished this week and the gym sub-floor is also being installed. The sub-floor will help limit the sound from the gym disturbing the classrooms and offices below.

The next steps of the project are to install the final set of doors and windows, hang the basketball nets, install the gym floor, and install the bleachers. These projects will need to be done in sequence from January through March. We hope to be able to use the classrooms and offices on the ground floor of the athletic complex sometime after the break.


The final part of the PAC-Athletic Complex construction is the expansion of the pool. Work should start in January or February and will take up to six or seven months. Our goal is to have it ready for the start of the 2021-22 school year.

Expanded Parking

ISD and the University of Dakar have reached an agreement that to create a parking area for ISD on university land in exchange for the construction of a football field, seating area, and lights. The school will also have access to the field after-school. The parking area will have 60 plus parking spots and access from both the Corniche and Oukam Road.

The proposal was agreed to last year between the president of the university and the ISD administration. This year, the Board of Trustees approved funding for the project. Last week, I met with Mr. Maguette Sene, the newly appointed President of the University of Dakar. He reaffirmed the university’s commitment to the project. Construction of the parking area and field will start soon and hopefully be completed by April.

Photo Descriptions

Photo 1: New theater seats.

Photo 2: PTO tour of the PAC and gym with Dr. Knobloch last week.

Photo 3: Gym sub-floor being installed.

Photo 4: Suzanne Wardini, Ibrahima Fall, and Dr. Knobloch with Mr. Maguette Sene, President of the University of Dakar.

Photo 5: ISD and University of Dakar tour of the site for expanded parking and sport field.

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