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Director's Dispatch: Enrollment Surge

We could have over 700 students next year at ISD. While enrollment at ISD has grown steadily in recent years, 30% over the past five years, we are anticipating a surge in enrollment next year, up to 100 more students. The number of applications is 40% higher than previous years. According to Susan Kusiima, our Admission Coordinator, the growth in applications is due to the school’s strong reputation in the region, the transition to the International Baccalaureate Program for all three schools, and the increase in companies coming to Senegal. As Dakar and Senegal continues to grow and develop, so has ISD.

Trying to predict enrollment can be tricky in our community as families may find out they are being transferred with little notice or an organization will delay moving a family to Dakar. However, our predicted enrollment in May for the following academic year has been a fairly good estimate of our enrollment in October. See table below. If we add number of returning students, 25% of the pending students, and the number of new applicants, we get the projected enrollment.

The increased number of students will have an impact on class size. The average class size this year ranged from 13 to 18 students in Elementary School and 12 students to 20 students in the Secondary School. Next year, most grades will have class sizes from 18 to 20 students. Our goal is to keep the class sizes at 20 or less in grades 1 to 10 and at 15 in International Baccalaureate Diploma (DP) classes. The school administration is looking at where additional staff may need to be added to deal with the higher enrollment including French, English Language Learner, and Learning Support.

We expect to reach capacity in a couple of grades next year, where we will not be able to accept more students in that grade. If you know of someone who is moving to Dakar or if your organization will be bringing in families who might want to attend ISD, we strongly encourage you to contact Susan Kusiima, Admission Coordinator ( as soon as possible.

We are proud more families want their children at ISD due to our school’s reputation and academic programs. The administration and teachers are committed to continuing to provide a high quality and personalized experience to our students as our community continues to grow.

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