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Director's Dispatch: Covid-19 Update

On Friday, we had two parents report that they had tested positive for Covid-19. In both cases, the children did not show any symptoms through the weekend, so we did not need to quarantine any other students or staff.

While the number of positive cases in Senegal has increased in recent weeks, we have not seen a similar surge in cases among the ISD community. In order to keep our community safe, we are requesting the following.

  • Do not send your children to school if your child is showing symptoms of Covid-19. If you are in doubt, please keep your child home.

  • Do not send your children to school if any member of the household has taken a Covid-19 test or has been approved for a test even if the child is not showing any symptoms. Children are more likely to be asymptomatic or not show signs they have the virus. By allowing students to come to school while waiting for the test parents are potentially exposing other children and our staff to the virus.

We are very fortunate to be able to allow all students to come to campus five days per week. There are still a number of schools in Africa where the majority if not all of the students are only doing online learning. Our ability to continue to have classes on campus is dependent upon all members of our community following the health and safety guidelines.

Our Health and Safety team monitors the Covid-19 situation daily and are in regular contact with medical and public health professionals.

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