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Director's Dispatch: Construction Update

As we start 2020, we are witnessing significant progress on the performing arts center and the athletic complex and know that the community anxiously awaits their completion. Before we move into February, I wanted to provide you with a status update on the construction. At the opening ceremony of the school year in August, I shared that the projected completion date for both the performance art center and the athletic complex would be February of 2020.

I am pleased to announce that the performing arts center is in the final stages of completion. The construction of the building is complete. We are now completing the interior furnishings and over the coming weeks, we will have a multitude of installation crews (international and local) at ISD to install the lighting systems, sound system, acoustical treatments, and the auditorium seating. Given the complexity of this work, we contracted with a company that specializes in technical installations of theaters for this critical stage.

Unfortunately, the athletic complex, as is witnessed by the status of physical construction, will not be finished until the summer of 2020 due to complications encountered with the roof. We are in the process of addressing the complications and implementing the recommendations of the structural engineers and the project manager. Once the construction of the athletic complex is completed, we will bring in installation crews to install the gym floor, bleachers, basketball backboards, and sound system.

The performing arts theater will be available for use while the final athletic complex construction is underway. Feedback from the tours of the theater provided to parents over the past months has been very positive. We are excited to start using the facility in the spring.

The Design and Innovation Center will be ready for student use by March. This new building will offer an expanded Maker Space on the ground floor. The first floor will house the Innovation Center and will provide a flexible learning area for all grade levels. The rooftop deck of the center can be used for art classes and as a meeting space.

Though the delays in construction are not ideal, we are taking all measures to ensure that the construction is performed to the highest standards. Once complete, our goal of providing outstanding facilities for the arts and sports to the 700 plus ISD students and the community will be achieved. These remarkable facilities will serve the ISD community for many years to come.

I will continue to provide updates as the construction progresses.

Dr. Alan Knobloch

Director, ISD

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