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Director's Dispatch: Child Protection Policy and Videos

Child protection is one of our foremost responsibilities as a school. It is of great importance to me, both as an educator and as a parent, that the children that enter our school each morning are safe, secure and well-cared for. In October 2017, the ISD Board of Trustees adopted a Child Protection Policy to guide our staff and families in matters related to the health, safety and care of all children at our school. The ISD Child Protection Policy is based on international law and on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child of which Senegal is a signatory. 

Our counseling team has put together a Child Protection Handbook that outlines the Child Protection Policy. They have also created videos that highlight different aspects of the Handbook. These videos are available on our website on the Student Services page. I invite all parents to watch the videos, which are available in English, French and Wolof. 

It is our duty to make sure all our students are free from fear in a safe and supportive environment, both inside and outside our school. Thank you for your help in ensuring student safety and child protection at ISD.

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