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Director's Dispatch: Campus Use on Weekends

Based on Senegalese government regulations and ISD health and safety guidelines, masks are required anytime you are on campus including the weekends. The only exceptions are when someone is running around the track alone or in the fitness room on designated machines. Individuals may lower masks to take drinks of water then should put the mask back in place right away.

Organized football or basketball games are not allowed even when wearing masks. I had multiple reports this weekend of groups playing sports on campus without masks. Given the high number of cases in Senegal as well as the government regulations, this simply cannot happen. The ability to use the ISD campus on weekends is a benefit and a privilege. ISD students, parents, and staff can use the campus provided everyone adheres to the rules.

Starting on Saturday, January 23rd, we will have a special campus supervisor to enforce the school’s health and safety guidelines. The staff member will be wearing a brightly colored vest. All community members are requested to follow the instructions of the staff members on duty. I would ask parents to set an example for their children by following the guidelines as well as any reminders from the ISD staff. Failure to adhere to the ISD guidelines or not follow ISD staff instructions could result in community members losing the privilege of using campus outside of school hours.

Over the summer, there were times that secondary school students argued with the staff when asked to wear a mask or immediately took their mask off when the staff member walked away. To simplify the process, any secondary school student who is not wearing a mask will be asked to leave campus. Furthermore, any disrespectful behavior towards ISD staff could result in further behavior consequences.

The number of cases in Senegal is higher than ever. Since September, we have had two priorities. One, be able to offer on-campus classes for as many days as possible. Two, do everything we can to keep our community safe. In order to accomplish these two goals, we need everyone to follow the government’s and school’s health and safety recommendations.

Please contact me, if you have any questions regarding campus use during the weekends.

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