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Director's Dispatch: 2019 Goals

As director of our school, I have set the following goals for the school 2019-2020 year. These goals were developed based on the Board’s goals for the year, parent and faculty surveys conducted last spring, and my reflections on the needs of the school. I will be working collaboratively with the Board, the administrative team, and teachers to make progress on these goals. Please expect updates throughout the year as we address the needs of our community.


  • Successful implementation of IB PYP and MYP to improve student performance and explore the viability of the IB Career Program.

  • All students at ISD will make a difference in the life of someone outside the school walls through Service Learning.

  • Determine current and future facility needs for the existing campus, based on capacity of 796 students.

  • Support Board work on inclusion and diversity.

  • Support the Board in the evaluation of the current strategic plan.

  • Increase meaningful contact with students; VHS Site Coordinator, educational testing, Extended Essay Advisor, MYP Personal Project Advisor, PYP Exhibition Advisor

In addition, there are four additional major tasks to be completed.


  • Expand options for students with specialized learning needs.

  • Determine the viability of expanding the Spanish program and offering a fourth language as part of the Modern Language Program.

  • Engage a consultant to conduct a green audit of the ISD campus and practices and make recommendations for improvement.

  • Improve the traffic and parking situation around ISD.

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