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Covid-19 Update from Dr. Knobloch and the ISD Medical Team

Dear ISD Community,

Thank you once again for working with us to keep our community healthy and safe in 2021.

Given that number of cases in Senegal and the ISD community remains very low, we will continue to ease the restrictions related to Covid-19.

As such, beginning today, we will implement the guidelines below:

  • School divisions will be able to come together for supervised activities. The divisions are high school, middle school, upper elementary grades, and lower elementary grades

  • Parents, families, and students will be able to utilize the outdoor campus space during community campus time with or without masks on without limits to family or household groups, or grade levels

We look forward to our students and families being able to do more both during school and after school. Therefore, kindly be reminded of the following:

  • Please note that all members of your family and household must stay home and away from campus if anyone in your family or household is feeling ill. If members of your family are vaccinated and you are unsure of how to proceed, please contact the school health clinic

  • Please be mindful to prevent large groups of people from gathering together on campus. Although ISD will not be enforcing limits to the number of people who can come together on campus at this time, this may change if large crowds are consistently noted, and limits may be put in place and enforced if needed

  • Please continue to wash hands upon entering and exiting campus

  • Please note that all members of your family and household must wear their masks upon entering and exiting campus

  • Please note that masks remain mandatory indoors

With greater freedom comes greater responsibility! During the last year and a half I know we have all done so much to educate and talk to our children about how to be safe during this pandemic. Please continue to have these conversations with your children as we look for ways to open up our campus and forge a path towards a “new normal”.

We are in this together, we can do this together.


Dr. Alan Knobloch, ISD Director

Jen Thermenos, School Nurse

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