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Counselor's Corner: Silver Lining to Quarantining

Silver Lining to Quarantining: Building Beautiful Family Moments

It is no secret that social distancing has interrupted lives and forced millions of people around the world to adapt to new norms. Parents are working from home and schools have resorted to online learning. While this may not sound like the ideal scenario, there are silver linings. One of them is being able to spend quality time with our loved ones.

Yes, our new norm has created an opportunity. An opportunity to bond with our families, friends, and even our pets. An opportunity to live in the moment and create meaningful memories with our loved ones. While some families may enjoy taking virtual museum tours together, others may want to learn a new skill, such as practicing yoga or doing fun DIY projects together (there is no limit to what you can learn on YouTube!). You may also consider having an at-home spa day or baking home-made bread together. 

Building meaningful memories also means appreciating the simple things as a family, such as listening or dancing to your favorite music, eating a meal in your garden, or looking at old family photos. It can also be as simple as reading quietly in the same room or watching the sunset from your balcony. In the spirit of positivity, we would like to invite you to reflect on the following. What has been the silver lining for you and your family through this period?

Perhaps it’s getting bonus time with your high school senior before he or she goes off to college? Or perhaps teaching your younger child to ride his or her bike? Or maybe simply enjoying family walks or being able to experience your toddler’s little moments of growth? 

As we try to make the best of our shared communal experience, we can take comfort in knowing that we are all in this together. While we may not have the power to change the world, we do have the power to shape how we experience this new norm and how our children will remember it. We hope that you feel peaceful and comforted in the presence of your loved ones. 

Click here to see how Chris Bosh, former NBA player, and his beautiful family plant a garden as a fun social-distancing activity. 

For other ideas on some fun social distancing activities, kindly visit the following websites:

Please also see this link to the video of the Parent Presentation last Thursday for anyone who was not able to attend:

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