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Counselor's Corner: Mindfulness

Dear parents,

Given all that we are all experiencing with this new mode of online learning, we will be sending out a bi-weekly email on Tuesdays intended to share some thoughts and guidance specifically for secondary school parents. We hope that you find this additional resource helpful. 

For this, our inaugural message, we wanted to share some thoughts on mindfulness. Put simply, mindfulness can be defined as the practice of being aware of your presence in the here and the now, and it brings many therapeutic benefits including decreasing stress and anxiety, eliminating negative feelings, improving sleep, enhancing focus, and many others. The research here is abundant. In light of all we are living through at the present, mindfulness can be an incredibly powerful skill to develop. Whether you are a practiced expert or a complete novice with mindfulness, this article does a wonderful job of explaining and articulating how to move forward with your own practice. Please take the time to read through it. 

Keeping the RAIN metaphor in mind, particularly when we begin to feel the pangs of overwhelm as parents, has proven to be a helpful tool for me. We are all coping with the realities of this new world, and the more we can stay calm, grounded, and present, the better we are able to support our children. Mindfulness can help!

Thanks for your time here! We look forward to sending along new thoughts next week. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts or ideas you would like for us to share, please send them our way.

Have a great week!

With great appreciation,

Mr. Jeff, Ms. KK, & Ms. Eileen

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