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Counselor's Corner: Combating Anxiety

Dear ISD Parents,

Many of us may find that we continue to struggle with anxiety that the uncertainty of our current situation brings. Anxiety works to dysregulate our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and nervous systems. Anxiety demands that we feel out of control and can lead us to focus on the negative or worst case scenarios. However, there are many simple things that we can do to combat anxiety and to help us feel more empowered as we navigate through this new reality that we find ourselves in.

This article suggests 7 simple strategies to combat anxiety. 

  1. Stay Grounded - Try to focus on the things that you CAN control. You might want to make a list. Making this list will help you identify all of the things that you do have control over during this time.

  2. Be Kind to Yourself - Anxiety can bring out the worst in us. We might find ourselves being irritable, less patient and reactive. That is okay, normal and to be expected. Don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself permission to feel your emotions as they come up, to forgive yourself when you may not be at your best, and to move forward.

  3. Be Kind to Others - Anxiety manifests differently for everyone, but we are all trying our best right now. Being kind to others doesn’t only feel good for the other but will probably make you feel better too.

  4. Curate Your Media Exposure - Pay attention to the content and how much you are consuming. Can you give yourself permission to cut down on your consumption? If you can, notice how this might affect how you feel. 

  5. Humanize the Headlines - Media is devised to make us feel a certain way. Remember that most people who are getting ill are getting better.

  6. Get Good at Not Knowing - Can you view our current situation as a lesson in uncertainty? In flexibility? If so, what are you discovering?

  7. Self-Care and Community Care - Anxiety wants to shut you down and it wants to limit how you respond and tend to others. How can you take care of yourself, so that you can also help take care of others. How does it feel when you do both?

As always, we are here for you and love to hear from you. Please know that we care about you and are sending each and every one of you love as you continue to navigate this challenging time. 

Stay Well,

Mary, Eileen, Paula, Katelyn and Jeff

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