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Counselor's Corner: Annual College Tour

By: Kaan Tat

After walking a total of over 70 kilometers in a week through the beautiful university campuses and bustling Los Angeles streets, the 2020 university group got a sense of scale unlike any trip before. We visited a total of 10 universities, 2 per day, at one point 3, so we were constantly on the move. We saw everything from small colleges with less than 2,000 people to universities so massive they were described as small cities. When we weren't touring campuses, we were enjoying all that Los Angeles had to offer. We visited Universal Studios, strolled down the Santa Monica pier, cheered at a USC basketball game and did so much shopping we came back with more luggage than we started with! Not to mention all the amazing restaurants and US food that we got to enjoy. All in all a fun and very educational trip to the “West Coast of the World."

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