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Counselor Corner: Personal Body Safety (ES)

In your elementary aged child’s SEL (Social Emotional Learning) lesson this week we will start a two-week session on Personal Body Safety. The School’s goal in providing these lessons is to equip and empower students with key Body Safety messages to keep them safe. Body Safety Education skills and knowledge will assist them to grow into informed teenagers and adults.

From PK4 through 5th grade, we educate our students on the following key points:

  • Our community uses correct names for all body parts, including genitals, and our students know which body parts are their private parts.

  • Our students have boundaries in regard to their body and “No” means no.

  • Our students know not to keep secrets that make them feel badly and/or uncomfortable.

  • Our students know that no one has the right to touch their private parts, ask them to touch another person’s private parts, or view images of private parts. If they are asked to do any of these, our students know to tell a trusted adult on their "safety network," and that it is not their fault.

  • Our students know to keep telling people on their safety network until they are believed.

The topics in these lessons often illicit questions and follow-up conversations at home, so to support those possible conversations, below are some resources.

Elementary School counselor Annie Neill is also available for further conversations and consultations on these topics and any other topic related to your child.

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