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Counselor Corner: Parent Connections

The ISD Counseling team is always eager to engage with the parent community. We are excited to join in the conversation at the first PTO sponsored Parent2Parent this Tuesday, October 8, at 8:30 AM in the conference room. Two weeks later on October 22, we will return to the conference room for a discussion about ISD's Child Protection Policy which will explore the school's policy and discuss effective parenting strategies for challenging situations. Information about future Parent Coffees hosted by the ISD Counseling Team will be shared on this blog.

ES counselor Annie Neill invites parents to set up appointments with her during the October 24 and 25 Parent Conferences to discuss any questions that they may have regarding their child, general child and adolescent development, parenting strategies, or any related topic. Please use the link provided in Ms. Emefa's email to set up an appointment for those dates or use this link to set up an appointment on a different day!

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