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Coronavirus Update - March 23rd

Staff in Senegal, Plans Moving Forward We currently have 55 teachers in Senegal and 35 teachers who are out of Dakar. Last Wednesday morning, I was informed that the U.S. Embassy had given embassy employees world-wide the choice to return to the states.  Our protocol is to follow the embassy lead on security issues, so I offered our teachers the same choice.  Given the current situation, it would not be healthy to force someone to stay in Dakar if they wanted to leave.  Nineteen teachers left Senegal by the weekend.  In addition, we had 16 teachers who were out of the country and could not get back in due to the closure of the Dakar airport. If we are able to reopen the school and it is safe to do so, we could run one to two classes of elementary with teachers in Dakar.  The staff in Dakar would focus on the students on campus and the teachers elsewhere in the world would run the online school. In the secondary school, the students on campus would have a mixture of in-person classes with the teachers that are here and online classes with the teachers who are somewhere else in the world until the other teachers could return. Given the split of teachers, we could offer school on campus, when we are allowed, and school online for the rest of the year if that is necessary. Online Learning Begins This Week We are excited to begin online learning this week. Wednesday will be more of an orientation and overview of the program. Lessons will begin Thursday. This will be new for our teachers and our students. We are going to go slow at the beginning to allow everyone to learn the technology and develop routines. We will then build as we go. Keep an eye on our social media pages to see the progress of our students. As always, I am available for any questions or concerns you may have. Feel to reach out to me at Sincerely, Dr. Alan Knobloch Director, ISD

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