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Coronavirus Update - March 12th, 2020

Dear Parents,

The United States Center for Disease Control has placed most of Europe at Level 3. The travel notice can be found here, which has the full list of European countries affected. All CDC Travel Notices can be found here. As per Board guidelines, if you or any member of your household (including visitors) travels to a Level 3 country, including airport transits, you and all members of your household will be restricted from campus for 15 days after you leave that country.

For the safety of our community and in order to keep the school open for students, we are asking all parents to submit your Spring Break travel plans. 

Click Here to Fill Out the ISD Family Travel Form

I know this news will be disappointing for many as a number of you were planning on traveling to Europe.  We are part of a large interconnected community.  If you were to contract COVID-19 you could spread it not only to members of the ISD Community but also to the wider Senegalese community.  For the safety of our entire community and in order to keep the school open for our students, I would strongly urge you not to travel to Europe.  Our intent is to have school as normal on March 23rd, however, in order to be prepared, please make sure your students bring home all supplies to facilitate online learning in the event that this becomes necessary.  The current events are truly extraordinary. Our community will get through this. Remember to take care of yourself and those around you. Keep an eye out for those who may be struggling and offer support. Please email me with any questions or comments at  Sincerely, Alan Knobloch Director, ISD

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