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Composting in the ISD Garden

We are so happy to start another year of work and innovation towards the growing of the ISD Educational garden! This will be the third year of it’s continuous growth and development with our students and community. Over the past two and a half years we have watched an interconnected ecosystem emerge and come alive with foods, lots of insects, animals and beautiful birds.

Monday, September 3rd we will start school wide collaborative work with the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes. They will be responsible for delivering a wheelbarrow to each lunch location and collecting food scraps to be composted in the garden. This is the beginning of the garden activities for this new school year. The work teaches children about soil, our natural resources, sustainability and being responsible.

It’s all about the soil! Nutrient rich soil sustains life. To grow a garden we must amend the soil to make it nutrient rich and alive with microbes. As Alice Waters states in her book The Art of Simple Foods II, “Soil is a complex underground ecosystem of insects, fungi, bacteria and other beneficial organisms and microorganisms”. Organic fruits and vegetable scraps, dried plants, minerals, water, sun and air are the simple requirements to reviving soil and maintaining it.

A garden awakens ours sense, develops a connection to our natural environment, fosters curiosity, and is a place of beauty. Thus teaches us so much about how to be stewards of this earth. Students need these foundational connections to be able to have the knowledge and sensitivity to respond to the environmental issues we are facing today.

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