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Community Use of ISD Facilities

We take the safety and security of our community very seriously at ISD. As such, our team of trained guards is on campus 24/7 to ensure the campus's security and student safety while on ISD grounds. 

It is important that ISD families and students are aware of the rules and protocols our guards are following to ensure all of our safety. Below you can find a list of the rules about campus use and security: 

  • Badges: ISD community members must have their own badge to access the campus. If they do not have their badge, they must leave a photo ID with the guard and sign in. 

  • Pets: Pets are not allowed on the school campus.

  • Pool Supervision: Only ISD parents can enter pool area with children.  Nannies and drivers are not allowed to accompany children without the parent present. The lifeguards ask that parents to ensure their children are following pool rules at all times. Parents can be responsible for the supervision of no more than 4 children at the pool. Sports Equipment: Bicycles are allowed on campus. Scooters, rollerblades and skateboards are not allowed. 

  • Open Hours for Facilities: The ISD ground are open to the community until 6:30pm each night, unless you have a signed Use of Facilities Agreement. At 7pm our night guards come on duty, at which point the campus should be clear of all visitors. 

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