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Community News: Surf Lessons for ISD Students

Ecole Surf Attitude is offering surf lessons for children ages 4 and all year long for ISD students and families. 

Transportation from school to surf lesson sites is provided for ISD groups. Once your child is signed up, ESA will provide a wetsuit in the correct size, the right board and schedule the appropriate number of instructors for the class. Instructors are First-Aid, CPR and/or Lifeguard certified - and really great with kids! 

The Surf Attitude team, including instructors, is largely multilingual. So whether you are calling by phone, emailing, texting or hollering from your board in English, French, Wolof, Spanish, Italian… amoul problème. As a parent, this is particularly helpful for getting information beforehand but especially knowing that your child can communicate easily with the instructors while out in the water. 

In addition to group lessons for students and adults of all levels, there are two classes specifically for younger children: Surfer Baby for ages 4 to 6 and Jardin des Vagues for ages 7 to 10. Siblings can share a set of 10 lessons within the same calendar year of purchase.  

ISD students and families can email for details and to sign up. You can learn more about Ecole Surf Attitude at

Tel: 77 034 3434

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