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Coming Up: High School IB Year One Performance

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 5th!

Come enjoy the IB Year One Theater Class' production of Almost Maine by John Cariani.  This is a tale of love and life in a small town in Maine.  The theater students are exploring this play together for use on their Director's Notebook.  They get to experience being the directors, designers, and performers in this play. 

Next year they will choose different plays to create their Director's Notebook that will be turned into IB.  They will get to dream big and go all out next year as the play they choose will not be performed.  It is theoretical.  They have a 20 page Director's Notebook that accompanies this project both years.  It is a process..... come enjoy the product.

Concessions will be sold.  Please bring a travel mug if you would like some hot cocoa. Be sure to bring a pillow and blanket as most seating is on the floor.​

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