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Celebrating Elementary Student Council

Reflections from the 2019-20 School Year

By: Julien (Grade 3), Katya (Grade 4), Sephora (Grade 4), Eloise (Grade 4)

This year the students in the Elementary Student Council (StuCo) were a hard-working bunch! At times there were nearly 50 students at a meeting. While attendance dwindled over the year, the strong commitment from a majority of students was evident and the StuCo members worked in different committees. StuCo members continued to offer up and organize new activities and plans for the school to the very end of the school year.

You may remember the Green Team as they sported their fancy green vests and offered support for recycling and composting during the lunch hour.

The Environment/Garden Team encouraged composting school-wide. They purchased aluminum forks and knives for the primary grades so that the little kids wouldn’t have to use plastic. They painted beautiful compost buckets and they worked to educate the whole community on how best to care for our earth.

The Assembly/Presentation Team planned the monthly Learner Profile assemblies for the whole school. They created plays and songs to teach the learner profile for the month and communicated with teachers about the assemblies. By the end of the year, these students were able to independently plan and lead the assembly performances for the school.

Members of the Community Service Team regularly visited the Pre-Kinder nursery across the street. They delivered donated games and books, played with the children, and read books. For some members this was their favorite part of the week.

The Student Council members consistently reflected on what it meant to be a true PYP Learner and they worked hard to exemplify all of the Learner Profile traits. Here is what third-grader, Julian had to say about being in Student Council, “It feels like being an adult with all this responsibility.”

Katya, Grade 4, chimed in with: “Sometimes we had to make sacrifices like giving up things we liked (like recess time) in order to serve on Student Council.” But most student council members agree that all the hard work was worth the sacrifice because in the end, we had a lot of fun events including the Halloween Party where Student Council supported the PTO in their planning, a great Talent Show where students from all grade levels were able to show off their talent, and we can’t forget the raging disco party where the 3-5 graders danced till dark!!!

Student Council is proud of projects including:

  • Popcorn Celebrations

  • Composting Project

  • Working in the Garden

  • Serving as the Green Team

  • Reading books to the kids in the nursery across the street

  • Planning the Assemblies

All along we have been practicing being knowledgeable, principled, responsible, caring, open-minded, courageous, inquiry-driven, thinking, and well-balanced communicators. Student Council would like to thank all of you for your participation in our school-wide events. We are proud of you and grateful for the opportunity to serve such a wonderful community of Jaguars!! The Wordle below describes our feelings about our experiences in the Student Council at the end of the school year! Thanks to our awesome advisors: Ms. D, Ms. Annie, Ms. Sakho, Ms. Nyah, & Ms. Kelly.

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